Automotive Photography With Kristine Nguyen

What is your name and/or your business name?

My name Kristine Nguyen and my business is called KN.Visions

When did you realize you wanted to be a photographer/videographer and why?

I always knew since I was younger I wanted to do something in the media field because I was always interested in filming and editing when I was younger me and my cousins made a youtube channel and I started filming vlogs and started branching out from there from making little short films and such.That’s what I always interested in doing.

How long have you been doing this?

I started doing photography/ videography professionally less than a year.

Are you self taught or did you go to school/get training for it?

I’m self taught

What city do you do work in? Do you or do you ever want to branch out?

I work in DFW mainly north DFW. I do eventually want to branch out and travel to find more clients.

What type of content do you photograph and/or film?

Right now I do automotive photography and video.

How do you make a client feel comfortable in front of the camera?

I usually try to have a conversation with them and ask them what they did to their car and we go from there and usually that’s how I make my client feel comfortable and usually it leads to friendships and connections!

What is your current set up? What is your dream set up?

My current setup is sony a6400 with 30mm sigma and 16mm sigma. My dream setup is Sony a7iii with a 35mm and 24-70mm.

Landscape or portrait?


What editing software do you use and why?

I use lightroom for photos and final cut pro for videos I’m really comfortable with using final cut pro because I've been using it ever since I can remember for about 5+ years already.

If you had to rate your skills 1-10, what would you rate yourself?

I would rate myself 7 right now there’s a lot of stuff I feel like I still need to improve on photo wise.

How far do you want to go with this? Right now I do photography and videography full time I dropped out of college to follow my dream because I know this is what I enjoy doing and I do wanna be able to keep doing this for the rest of my life and eventually branch out to different fields of photography and videos.

Generally, what are your rates?

My rates for photos start from $55-$100 and video start at $150

Where could someone contact you if they were interested in booking you for a shoot? The best way to contact me is through instagram @kn.visions

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